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We’re Committed to Your Quality of Life

Many people are committed to working with you to maximize your quality of life. The most important members of your care team are you and your family. A individual care plan will be developed that covers the special needs, wants and specific medical care that you require. We rely on you to let us know how you like to do things and what your normal routine is, so that we can plan your care together.

Members of Your Care Team & Service Team


Venta Care Centres Nursing Department is staffed 24 hours a day to provide professional and personal care to meet the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of each Resident. The Nursing team consults with other professionals within our facility such as our Physicians, Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker and Recreation Therapist.

Members of the Nursing Department include:

  • Director of Nursing
  • Resident Floor Managers
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Health Care Aide (HCA)


Venta Care Centre has a list of available Physicians who visit regularly and work closely with the staff to provide professional care to each Resident. Upon admission, the Resident is given a choice of the available Physicians who will be involved in their care.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists assess residents' performance of everyday tasks and develop individualized, resident-centered programs to promote optimal function and engagement. Interventions are targeted to promote sustainable levels of function, promote adaptations when cognitive levels are impaired, and mitigate risk relating to falls and skin breakdown.

Recreational Therapy

Our Recreation Department provides our Residents with programs that meet their individual physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs and capabilities. There is a wide variety of activities performed daily to keep our Residents active and to give them opportunities for self-expression and enjoyment. Residents are encouraged to participate in the activities.

Dietary / Food Services

Our Registered Dietitian assesses the Residents' nutritional needs, special dietary requirements, and food preferences. The Dietitian also monitors the Residents' weight and may provide supplements as needed.

Dietary Technologist:
Manages the provision of food services, ensuring that food products are safe, of the highest quality, and meet specific standards. Plans meals based on established guidelines in conjunction with the Registered Dietitian.

All meals and snacks are prepared in-house by our certified Red Seal Chef. Seasonal menu items follow resident-specific dietary needs and consistencies.

Social Work

Our Registered Social Worker is available to provide emotional support, counseling services and practical assistance on admission. Upon admission, the Social Worker will inform the Resident and family members of their choices and options regarding community and government agency involvement and benefits such as personal directives, enduring power of attorney, legal guardianship, wills, etc.

Dental Services

Venta Care Centre has a dental clinic onsite that offers a full range of dental services for residents including checkups, cleanings, and restorative and denture treatments.


Venta Care Centre is partnered with CareRx Pharmacy who provides regular medication services and round-the-clock access to a clinical pharmacist who works directly with our health care team.

Foot Care Nurse

A Foot Care Nurse visits the facility on a regular basis to assess, treat and maintain the health and hygiene of residents' feet.

Administrative Support

The front desk receptionists are the first contact for all visitors to Venta Care Centre. They will be happy to assist in answering any of your questions or refer you to the appropriate person or department you are looking for. Here you may also make inquiries on monthly invoices, and request optional services such as hairdressing or personal laundry.

Housekeeping / Laundry Services

Venta Care Centre's Housekeeping team works hard to provide the Residents, families, and staff with a clean and pleasant environment.

Our Laundry staff regularly launders the Residents' bedding, towels, and facility linens at no extra charge. The department also offers a personal laundry service for a monthly fee.


Our Maintenance staff is available to provide routine and specialized maintenance services to our building, grounds, and equipment. This department also oversees the building security, safety drills, and responses. Maintenance is available 24 hours a day.


Volunteers are valuable members of our team help to maximize the support of our Residents by participating in various activities throughout our facility. Volunteers enrich the lives of the Residents, families, and the staff.

Hair Salon

We have a hair salon onsite offering hair services for men and women by our certified hairstylist. Appointments may be made with the front desk.

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