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Your Feedback Matters

Venta Care Centre wishes to provide each Resident with the best possible support and professional quality care and service through the provision of safe, individualized, compassionate, competent, ethical, emotional, spiritual and social continuing care services.

To accomplish this we very much value your feedback. We are committed to high standards of care and services to our Resident while promoting their independence, their health and their greatest well-being.

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I release Venta Care Centre from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation.

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Care Conference Feedback

We would appreciate your time to provide us with valuable feedback on the recent Care Conference you attended 2022-02-17. Your comments are important to us and provides an opportunity for continuous improvements for our Care Conference process.

Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Care Conference
Our goal is to provide information to you, was there sufficient information offered?
Are you satisfied overall that the Care Conference was useful to you?

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