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Venta Care Centre’s Wellness Programs and Services

Venta Care Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, provides residents with many wellness services to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing. Our facility strives to provide an environment that encourages every resident to thrive, manage their health issues, and live the healthiest life possible.

nurse helping elderly man

Nursing Care

Venta Care Centre’s nursing staff ensures the administration of all our wellness services. We have an around-the-clock nursing staff that includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Health Care Aides. These caring team members are the frontline for most of your questions and concerns. They are always happily available to answer questions and take requests from family members.

physician talking to patient

Physician Visits

At Venta Care Centre, we have an attending physician assigned to every resident. This physician oversees that resident’s wellness services and care plan. The Alberta Health Services requires physicians to meet with residents quarterly, but many of our physicians visit more regularly. Additionally, there is always a physician on call for emergencies.

lady going through medicines

Pharmacy Services

Venta Care Centre provides medication to patients according to their physician’s orders. Medications are provided by our on-site pharmacist and distributed by our nursing staff. If a resident and their family believe they need a non-formulary medication, our pharmacist is always available to discuss it.

woman helping senior man with walking

Occupational Therapy Services

To determine the necessary wellness service for each resident, our rehabilitation team will perform an assessment upon admission. After this assessment, we can determine what activities each resident can do. This assessment will take into account cognitive, physical, social, and emotional ability as well as the resident’s personal preferences. We strive to include all residents in all activities and outings whenever possible.

podiatry services

Visiting Podiatry Services

Venta Care Centre has a podiatrist who regularly comes to the facility. The nursing department can book you an appointment with them for their next visit. Alberta Health Care covers the cost for podiatry except for a $15 charge, which goes on the resident’s monthly invoice.

person getting hair cut

Hair Salon Services

Grooming and cutting your hair is a critical wellness service at our facility. We have an on-site hairdresser, and residents can schedule an appointment by filling out a form in the Business Office. The bill for hairdresser services will be applied to the resident’s monthly invoice.

physician showing elderly man results

Diagnostic / Laboratory Services

Diagnostic imaging x-ray services for residents is provided on-site by qualified radiologists through Canada Mobile X-Ray. Laboratory services are also provided on-site by DynaLIFE for routine blood collection.

lady in dental chair with mirror

Dental Care

Venta Care Centre has a dental provider that visits our facility regularly. Dental providers typically perform oral exams upon admission and when requested by the nursing staff. The resident’s spokesperson, agent, or trustee must consent to all dental care beforehand.

lady painting

Recreational Programming

Venta Care Centre provides a variety of engaging and innovative recreational programs to enhance residents’ quality of life. Our Recreation Therapy Department designs activities to improve or maintain the social, cognitive, and physical status of residents.

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