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Venta Care Centre’s Hairdresser in Edmonton, AB

Venta Care Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, has a professional hairdresser that conveniently visits the facility. We know that part of feeling good is looking good. So, we encourage residents to use this service as often as they would like. Residents can schedule appointments with the Business Office. Residents are responsible for the payment of hairdressing services. We will apply any hairdressing charges to the resident’s monthly invoice.

Hairdresser and Barber Price List

Beauty Salon Price List

Hair Cut, Shampoo and Set – Ladies
Long Hair
$35.00 +
Hair Cut - Men’s
Buzz Cut
Shampoo and Set
Perm, Cut and Set
Color, Cut and Set
Color, Highlights, Cut and Set
Curl Only
Deep Condition

By Appointment Only

Please see the business office if interested. Pedicure services for non-diabetic residents only.


Prices Do Not Include GST
(Prices are subject to change)

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