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To our Residents and Family Members

At this time (letter sent) Venta Care Centre has 16 staff members that have tested positive for COVID-19 and 15 have recovered.

Venta had 38 Residents who had tested positive and 35 now have recovered.

With our deepest condolences we would like to inform you that we now have a total of two Residents who have passed away.

Although any loss is devastating, we need to share this added explanation for your understanding and context.

Many Residents enter Long Term Care with pre-existing health conditions. These conditions put them at a heightened risk of acquiring new infections, including COVID-19, and facing increased challenges in their recovery from such illnesses. Not only does an illness like COVID-19 directly impact their health, but it can also negatively impact their pre-existing health conditions. This can result in a sudden deterioration in the health of the resident. Although a death may be related to COVID-19 it does not mean that the loss is because of COVID-19 exclusively. We do not want to diminish the loss; these are important facts to remember when deaths are reported.

Families with positive loved ones will continue to be updated by the Unit Manager.

If you are not contacted your loved one is not affected. Please do not call the nursing station at this time to inquire as our team is working diligently to keep all Residents safe.

In addition, On Monday March 21st, 2022, we underwent a Quality Monitoring Assessment by a member of the Provincial Audit Team. Part of their role is to provide support to Operators with an active COVID-19 outbreak. While on site, the Auditor reviewed documents and observed staffing, resident care, safety, and infection prevention and control practices. They were very pleased with the facility overall and commended our efforts and standards of practice. The auditor identified no deficiencies.

Visiting hours remain from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.

A Family Survey was sent out Feb 23rd, 2022, asking families their thoughts on COVID-specific continuing care measures in place today and what they would like to see in future. Thanks to all who participated and provided Venta with valuable feedback. Findings indicate that a great majority (93%) of respondents feel Venta is currently doing enough to keep its Residents, visitors, and staff safe. Respondents see value in current continuous masking, active screening processes, and rapid antigen testing staff on each shift, and would like to see these measures in place for at least the next three (3) months. Venta will continue to collaborate with Residents and families when making any facility policy / program changes.

Additionally, we are continuing activities and communal dining with social distancing. Residents are also encouraged to wear masks when leaving their rooms.

We continue to be diligent by rapid Swabbing staff daily. Thank you for supporting us throughout this time.

Dr. Peter Birzgalis
CEO Venta Care Centre