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To our Residents and Family Members

At this time (letter sent) Venta Care Centre has 11 Residents that have tested positive for COVID- 19 and 1 staff.

Families with positive loved ones have been contacted by a Care Manager. If your loved one is on the affected unit you have also been contacted.

If you are not contacted your loved one is not affected. Please do not call the nursing at this time to inquire as our team is working diligently to keep all residents safe.

At this time, we have isolated the affected units but are continuing activities and communal dining with social distancing for the rest of the facility.

Please do not come in if you are symptomatic or if you had close contact with someone who was COVID positive. In addition, all visitors must keep their provided face shield and mask on properly for the entire time of the visit.

We continue to provide and encourage Residents to wear masks when leaving their rooms, we have hand washing stations readably accessible and continue to provide education to our Residents about the importance. Staff are still expected to use face masks and shields when in the facility and staff continue to have daily rapid swabbing.

We encourage families to arrange virtual Skype visits but remain open to visitation from 11-4pm.

We take very seriously the responsibility to safeguard our most vulnerable from COVID. We want to assure all visitors that noncompliance of our guidelines will result in a suspension in visitation.

Thank you for supporting us throughout this time

Dr. Peter Birzgalis
CEO Venta Care Centre