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To our Residents and Family Members,

Good Afternoon,

Today we have completed another round of resident swabs and are pending the results. If there are any changes with your loved one Helen Doan (Director of Nursing) will contact you directly.

  • Currently, we have no new positive staff or residents.
  • We have 37 recovered Residents and 19 recovered Staff!
  • We currently have 1 Resident and 0 Staff who are COVID positive.
  • There are a total of 4 residents that have passed away since the beginning of the outbreak.

We will be receiving the second dose of vaccines for your loved one Tuesday and Wednesday. If you have signed the consent, your loved one will have the second dose administered. Nursing is keeping track of when each dose is due, and we are ensuring that we are compliant with Alberta Health Services and the manufactures instructions.

Venta Care Centre continues to send out communications to the primary contacts only. We acknowledge that many of you have family who would like to receive the information as well. It is imperative that you forward and shares this information with them.

We are committed to full transparency and open communication.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Helen Doan at 780-377-2326.

Dr. Peter Birzgalis
CEO Venta Care Centre