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To our Residents and Family Members,

Following the rescindment of CMOH Order 16-2021 by Order 36-2021, personal Items and laundry drop-offs will change effective immediately.

  1. Pick and delivery of personal items and laundry will now resume as prior to COVID restrictions.
  2. There will no longer be pick up and drop off times.
  3. Families can come and pick up soiled laundry and drop off clean laundry between the hours of 9am and 5pm seven days a week.
  4. All persons must enter through the screening area and follow PPE guidelines.
  5. Personal items such as gifts and letters can be given directly to the resident.
  6. If you provide food items, please make sure you follow the Residents dietary restrictions.
  7. Please note that Venta Care Centre is not responsible for valuables such as money, jewelry, etc. if you choose to bring them in Venta Care Centre would like to thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.

We will continue to provide updates as necessary. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Christine Birzgalis Director of Nursing 780-377-4403.

Dr. Peter Birzgalis
CEO Venta Care Centre