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To our Residents and Family Members

Venta Care Centre would like to thank you for your continued support during these uncertain times. On January 11, 2022 the Medical Officer of Health declared Venta Care Centre on Facility Outbreak.

As of this day, Venta Care Centre has 9 staff members that have tested positive for COVID-19 and no Residents.

Our team was able to identify COVID by utilizing our protocols of rapid swabbing of all staff prior to the start of their shift. In addition, ALL staff in the facility wore PPE (mask & full face shield) at all times.

The CDC believes it was community spread.

On the affected units CDC would ask Residents who exit their rooms into the hallways and common areas to wear a mask. We have provided your loved ones with these supplies.

On January 11, 2022, the CDC recommended we PCR test all the Residents and staff on the unit where the majority of staff have been testing positive. If your loved one is on the affected unit you would have been contacted.

The Management Team will provide updates to families if any results are positive. If you are not contacted your loved one is not affected. Please do not call the nursing station at this time to inquire as our team is working diligently to keep all Residents safe.

Please note that we are not short staffed, however; an outbreak does require the entire Venta Team to implement additional measures for safety requirements.

Venta Care Centre continues to do our due diligence and take all the
precautionary measures in accordance with the Prime Minister of Canada and Alberta Health Service.

Some of the measures Venta Care Centre has been taking to keep everyone healthy and safe includes:

  • Continue limiting visitors. Exception may apply for Essential Visits
  • Utilizing proper hand hygiene practices, which is the most important defense in infection control
  • Continue to screen and monitor Residents and staff for symptoms, travel history, etc.
  • Maintain adequate resources to ensure safe and uninterrupted care for your loved ones
  • Newly admitted Residents from hospitals will be screened and monitored and if need be put on

    isolation for 14 days

  • Small and large group activities in Recreation and Occupation Therapy have been discontinued
  • Facetime and Skype is up and running (please contact Recreation 780-377-4416 for an


  • We have increased one-on-one visiting with all Residents on a regular basis to address


  • Non-urgent appointment and outings will be postponed

Please be assured that your loved one is being provided all their necessary medications and care. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow all the required guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our Residents, Families, and staff.

Venta Care Centre wishes you good health and thanks you for your continued cooperation. Updates will be provided as information changes.

Please visit our website at for more information.

Venta Care Centre Management Team