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Dear Families and Visitors,

As you may be aware the COVID cases are raising by the thousands on a daily basis. As of today, there are more than 13 nursing homes that are on outbreak.

At this time, Venta Care Centre remains COVID free with no positive staff or Residents.

Venta Care Centre attributes this to our diligent protocols and collaboration with our staff. For instance, prior to contact with your loved one all staff are rapid tested. In addition, all staff are fully vaccinated and follow strict guidelines of hand hygiene and continuous masking and shields.

In discussion with the care team and Residents, we have decided to implement safety measures to help prevent COVID from entering the nursing home.

We understand the importance of continual visitation and will not restrict visitation at this time. However, we encourage virtual visitation offered by our Recreation team.

As of January 7, 2022, Venta Care Centre’s visitation times will now be 1-4pm and only 2 visitors permitted to visit at this time.

All visitors who enter Venta Care Centre will be required to do the following:

  1. Complete the “Fit of Entry” survey and showthe completed green screen to the

    front desk

  2. Show and scan vaccine status
  3. Get a rapid nasal test by our staff and wait for results before visiting loved ones.

Fit for entrance:
o The online screening tool upon entry. Link Here or scan the QR code with your phone:Visitation Screening QR Code

You must present the following for fit for entry:

Fit for Entry

Rapid nasal tests:

o Nasal rapid tests will be conducted at the front foyer
o You will be required to wait at the foyer for 15 minutes pending your COVID result o If you are negative, you will be able to visit
o If you are positive you will not be able to visit

We are introducing these measures to ensure we keep Covid out of the facility. In the case that COVID is reintroduced to the facility we will reduce visitation to only essential visitors.

Thank you for your continual collaboration in keeping your loved ones safe.


Helen Doan

Director of Nursing